we fail to do so

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  《Art for the Players》展示了一些最受玩家喜爱的PlayStation游戏,包括《小小大星球》《战神》《神秘海域》《地平线 黎明时刻》《风之旅人》《瑞奇与叮当》《暴雨》《撕纸小邮差》等等共16款标志性的游戏,你可以为其中的角色进行上色。

RIOT的官方回复:our business model has to be player-focused as well; it's more important in a F2P game. RP sales aren't a "given," so if people feel gouged, or the product isn't worth the price, that's the worst thing we can do - both ways. Players hate it, the business suffers, lose-lose. It's actually a really honest business model...we make players happy, we both win. We fail to do so, everyone loses。

In preparation for the launch of Diablo III on Tuesday, May 15, the beta servers will be brought offline onTuesday, May 1. At that time, all beta accounts and character information will be reset. Leading up to Diablo's May 15 launch date, players will only be able to create comments and forum posts on the official Diablo III community site if they have pre-purchased Diablo III or have a StarCraft II or an active World of Warcraft game license attached to their Battle.net account. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to stay tuned to this website for exciting news and updates regarding the upcoming release。

日本IBM旗下首款VRMMO《刀剑神域:起源(Sword Art Online: The Beginning)》即将于明天在东京开启Alpha测试,今天官方正式公布了首批游戏截图,我们还可以看到现实版的NERvGear!

外媒Kotaku今天发了一篇文章《China's Banned Overwatch Players Have Excellent Names》(中国《守望先锋》被封玩家起了超级棒的名字),文章里把部分中文ID翻译成了英文,比如“不上电视直播吃屎”→“If I don’t get POTG I’ll stream me eating shit”,不过总觉得这些翻译缺少了点内涵。

洛杉矶Concept Art House的SVP,Jason Park在两方交谈时恰好在场,在庭审中他作为证人出席。在给法庭的声明中,他说Wiggins的确向Leydon透露了一些敏感的信息,并且Wiggins在谈话中显得十分紧张。

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